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Personalized help from Amanda Webb

Pediatric Sleep Consulting services are provided on-demand, via phone, email, text and video chat. Sleep plans are always customized to your family's needs, schedule and comfort level.


Let Amanda from Sleepy Apple walk you through how to bring peace to bedtime in your home with customized sleep plans and total support. 

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Raising a Sleeper

Private Consultation

 In this one hour consultation, you'll learn how to get quality sleep with your new baby from day one, set up your nursery, and feel calm and confident when you bring baby home.


1 Hour Phone Consultation

Course Materials

Sleep Plan

Nursery planning + product recommendations

Exclusive discounts on future sleep help

Open to expectant parents


To prepare for a baby

On-Demand Sleep Help

Consultation + 2 weeks of support

Learn the skills to establish healthy sleep routines for your whole family. It's never too late (or too early!) to become a quality sleeper. Sleep help is offered via phone, video chat, and email.

  Unlimited Communication and Support

1 Hour Phone Consultation

Course Materials

Personalized Sleep Plan 

2 Weeks of On-Demand Support via phone, text, email, and video chat

Live Bedtime Coaching™


For help with your child

Ongoing Support 

A Sleep Consultant in your Pocket

Weekly phone consults, sleep tracking,  and general troubleshooting with Amanda. Support is customized to your family's needs.

Topics include: Complete sleep support, feeding, weaning, behavior, tantrums, listening, potty training with littles, and anything else that comes up.

For children of all ages.

Month-to-Month $250

Have a unique sitation?

Contact Amanda for a custom quote. 

Weekly Support

The Sleepy Apple 


Sleepy apple will coach you through bedtime right from your phone. Having an expert see and hear your baby to help you decide what to do makes all the difference in your success.

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