Stitch Fix saved me postpartum.

When nothing fits anymore, start fresh with a personal stylist - and a $25 credit! Link below!

When nothing fits

I had a difficult pregnancy and postpartum period with my first baby. I awoke one day with a 4-week-old and attempted to get dressed in “real clothes” (i.e. not pajamas) for the first time since my baby was born. My entire family was on their way to my house from California to visit and meet the new baby. I very quickly realized that nothing about my body was the same size anymore. From my ribcage, to my hip spread, to my shoe size - my proportions had rearranged. The distribution of my muscle tone and adipose tissue was different, my bust was unrecognizable, and my feet were longer.

Postpartum Purgatory

I did not fit in my maternity clothes, nor my pre-baby clothes. I like to call this phenomenon postpartum purgatory. After delivery, my pregnancy swelling had gone down dramatically (yay!) but this also meant that my maternity clothes were too big. My pre-baby clothes, however, were a complete joke. How had my rib cage changed so much? How on earth did I get these jeans on 9 months ago? They look like they are sized for my child, not me.

I had, quite literally, nothing decent to wear. It ended up that my family surprised us with matching printed t-shirts that said “New Chick in Town” so I proudly wore my new (snug) t-shirt and too-tight maternity jeans from the early weeks of my pregnancy that day. But as I breathed shallowly in my super-restrictive jeans, I knew I had some shopping to do. I was overwhelmed with feelings that I should "wait" for the body I wanted before investing in new clothes.

My family is adorable. Can you tell I can't breathe well?

This body is my body. And I deserve to dress it now, not later.

It might be my new status as a parent, or the empowering but humbling experience of birth, but somehow for the first time in my life I was able to dismiss thoughts that I would buy clothes when my body was "better." Suddenly, it was so clear to me that I needed to be dressed to function and go into the world to raise my daughter- and I needed to do that today, not in weeks or months when my body might be different. I decided right then and there to stop waiting to “get my body back.” I decided to stop thinking of myself as a work-in-progress and just simply dress the body I had to my comfort.

It wasn’t an issue of losing “baby weight” or “getting my boobs back” or whatever the heck else we’re told will happen (or that we should work on) after a baby. I accepted my body the way it was. As a former anatomy teacher, I was aware that my hip spread and expanded rib cage were likely here to stay – and no amount of exercise was going to change that. Besides – I didn’t necessarily expect this to be my only pregnancy. I have no idea what size I will be in the future, but I do know what size I am now. I don't deserve to be uncomfortable in my body. If my body did change, if it “bounced back” or whatever else, I’d simply buy clothes for that body, too.

Your style, delivered.

I knew I needed a change but I had ZERO interest in lugging my infant around to find a new wardrobe. My sister offered me a referral link for Stitch Fix and put all my eggs in the “style, delivered” basket. What did I have to lose? I filled out my profile with my incredibly picky postpartum clothing requirements and hoped for the best. When my box came, I was DELIGHTED to find that my stylist literally read every word of my profile, completely understood the state of my body, and NAILED IT with a box of comfy, cute, and perfectly fitting clothes.

I told my stylist I could not wear anything with buttons, zippers, snaps or tight elastic in my midriff area. She didn’t even blink at this request and immediately sent me high-waisted, cable knit, fleece-lined dark plum colored leggings that are still the softest and most comfortable bottoms I own. They’re amazing. Along with three stylish and oh-so-soft tops that went with the leggings, she also sent me an adjustable length necklace, so that no matter how my bust was feeling (or how high or low it was that day, if you know what I mean) I could have a stylish piece to make me feel that little something extra, frustration-free.

I’m now on my 6th “Fix” (box of 5 items chosen by my stylist to fit the needs and wants I describe in my profile) and I’ve had nothing but excellent experiences. I simply write a note to my stylist when I encounter something I need - “Hey Nichelle! It’s spring now, and I could really use a raincoat. Thanks.” Bam. Adorable raincoat with a matching outfit appears, fits perfectly, and looks super cute.

Can I afford that?

My boxes range anywhere from $120-$200 for 5 items, for an average of around $35 an item. To me, that’s around the same price point I’d pay for similar items at Target, but the items fit much better, are pre-picked for me, and show up at my door. Sold. In my profile, I checked the box for “the cheaper better” for the cost of each item they offer.

You can tell your stylist if you don’t do shorts, or you’d rather keep your arms covered, or any other clothing particulars you like. You can also link your Pinterest boards and Instagram to your profile so your stylist can really tailor your fixes to your personal style.

For me, it all started with the $25 referral credit from my sister, so here’s a $25 referral credit for you. Full disclosure, I may get some referral credit too if you use the link. My writing, review and recommendation are sincere. I can’t say enough good things about my experience. I get dressed in the morning even if I'm not leaving the house. That's how much I look forward to what's in my closet and how it fits me.

At the very core, you deserve clothes that fit the body you are in today. Your body is worthy of a comfortable, cute outfit. Your stylist will fix you right up. Feel free to use this link and share it with someone who deserves a box of joy on their doorstep.

And congrats on your postpartum body! You made a human! Go you. Treat yo' self.

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