About Amanda


Hi! I'm Sleepy Apple's creator, Amanda Webb. I am a former teacher and nanny turned Mom and sleep consultant. After working as a newborn care specialist, a nanny for multiple sets of twins, and providing care in a daycare center and in my home, I have experienced a wide range of different children's sleep habits and troubles.

I am first and foremost a teacher. After earning my B.S. in Biological Science from Cal State Fullerton, I completed a Master's degree in Education at the University of Virginia (Go Hoos!). I've taught Biology and Human Anatomy at multiple levels, and now I enjoy teaching parents how to read their children's cues and know how to respond.


My goal is help you learn how to set the stage for your child's quality sleep each day. As your child grows (so fast!), you'll be able to adapt daily sleep schedules and keep sleep harmony in your home. Everyone deserves quality sleep, and I'm happy to help your family!

As a teacher, I know the importance of personal connection. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me. No question is too small! 

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Q&A with Amanda


What is your philosophy on sleep?

Everyone needs help learning how to fall asleep and connect sleep cycles at first. The sooner we teach healthy sleep routines, the sooner quality, unbroken sleep can happen. Everyone deserves (and can learn to help themselves get) quality sleep. 


What do you mean by "gentle" sleep training?

I can help you teach your child healthy, developmentally appropriate independent sleep skills from day one. This means we can avoid emergency sleep interventions (like cry-it-out) completely. If you're struggling with an older baby or toddler, I can also help you teach bedtime expectations in a logical, incremental way that avoids confusion and frustration for you and your child.



How would you describe your sleep training style?

I am a teacher, first and foremost, so I teach parents how to read their child's cues, and trust the baby over the clock. My style is to watch for the cues your baby gives about their physiological needs. Once we meet those, we can establish clear and effective communication between parent and child. When families are done working with me, they often report that they enjoy the freedom of not watching the clock and simply responding to their child's needs. It's my favorite! 


What do you enjoy most about Sleep Consulting?

The dramatic changes families experience when they get quality sleep! I never get tired of hearing about how their anxiety has improved, their marriage is happier, they now have the energy to start a new business, or simply that their bond with their child has strengthened. Sleep is so critical for health and overall quality of life. 


What do you tell parents who are nervous about sleep training?

I ask them to consider their child's perspective. Sometimes parents feel somewhat "selfish" for wanting to get sleep. In reality, lack of sleep is frustrating and exhausting for their child too! Every child deserves to be able to rest when the feel tired. I remind parents that sleep is a skill that must be learned, and the sooner we teach it the better our children will feel, grow, and develop. I promise teaching sleep is always worth it, and I'll be there every step of the way. 


What sets Sleepy Apple apart from other sleep training methods?

The total support from me! My years as a teacher have shown me that everyone can learn when provided the right support and materials. When I work with families, they can contact me day or night with questions. Learning is an ongoing process, and we'll keep in touch the entire two weeks. The biggest difference is how I help with bedtime. When you're unsure what to do, you can call me and I'll FaceTime in to see and hear your baby and help you. Helping people put their children down for bed is my favorite part of of the program! 


My baby hates sleep/his crib. What do I do?

First, let's change our thinking here. Sleep is a biological necessity, and your baby does not hate sleeping - just like she doesn't hate eating or being held. What's actually happening is that your child is frustrated that she cannot rest when she feels tired. Let's work together to teach her how to fall asleep when she needs to!