Update to Services!

We welcomed our new baby in April! 

I'm offering a limited number of phone consults in the mornings during my maternity leave. Please e-mail me to schedule one.

Cost: $120 for 45-60 minute consult

Includes: Assessment of your current sleep situation, personalized advice and plan of action for your family

Services paid via Venmo

April Bumpers:

enjoy $20 off phone consults!

Raise a Good SleepeR

online class

Birth - 12+ months

Expectant or new parents learn how to get the best sleep at every age & stage with their child

Sleep is teachable.

Learn how with Sleepy Apple. 

How it works




ENROLL in the course

LEARN at your own pace

on desktop or mobile

SLEEP your best at every age & stage

Jennie, NYC

"Sleepy Apple is the real deal. I thought sleep training meant hours of letting my baby cry. It doesn't have to be like that. Amanda taught me how to meet my child's needs and set him up for the sleep he craved. We couldn't be happier."

Alina, San Francisco

"I love trusting the baby instead of the clock. I have the freedom to listen and respond to my child. My son is more relaxed than he's ever been."

Carrie, Madison

"Amanda not only helped my child get the quality sleep she needed, but she helped ME as well.  I tried so many different methods, but this is the one that really works."

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